‘2014 APEC 중소기업 비즈니스 포럼’ 프로그램(영문)


2014년 APEC(아시아 태평양 경제협력체) 의장국인 중국 난징(南京, 남경)에서 열린  ‘2014 APEC 중소기업 비즈니스 포럼’의 영문 일정입니다.<편집자 주>


APEC SME Business Forum 2014

Tentative Agenda



1st September 2014

Place: Zhonghua Ballroom, B1 Floor at Hotel Novotel Nanjing East Suning Galaxy, Jiangsu


09:30-17:00 Registration

18:30-20:00 Welcome Banquet


2nd  September 2014

Place: Zhonghua Ballroom, B1 Floor at Hotel Novotel Nanjing East Suning Galaxy, Jiangsu


08:00-08:45 Registration

08:45-09:00 Group Photo session


OPENING Opening Ceremony

Moderator: Mr.Renyong Chi , Dean of SME

Institute of Zhejiang University of Technology


09:00-09:25 [Address]

– Mr. Hongren, Zhu, Head of the China delegation of APEC

SME Ministerial Meeting, Chief Engineer,Ministry of Industry and InformationTechnology P.R.C.

– Mr. Zhuobin Li, Vice President, All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese

– Ms. Wimonkan Kosumas, Chairman, APEC SME Working Group


09:25-09:35 [Opening Remarks]

– Mr. Bilie Huang, Chairman of the Presidium, Vice General Manager, Sinotrans & CSC Holdings Co., Ltd.




09:35-09:50 [The Regional Development of SMEs for Innovation and Sustainability]

– Dr. Jonathan CHOI Koon-shum, GBS, JP, Chairman of Sunwah Group (Hong Kong, China),Chairman of Small and Medium Enterprises Committee (Hong Kong, China), Deputy Director, The Committee of Education,Science, Culture, Health and Sports of the National Committee of the People’s Political Consultative Conference


09:50-10:05 [Cross-border E-Commerce Accelerates the Transformation and Upgrading of SMEs]

–  Ms. Diane Wang, Founder & CEO, Dhgate,Member of ABAC (China)

10:05-10:20 [The Creative Service for the Innovation and Development of Small and Micro Businesses]

-Mr. Jianchuan Qu, Dean, SME Management Institute & Assistant  Executive, Chanjet Information Technology Company Limited (China)


10:20-10:35 [SMEs’ Sustainable Innovation Development]

-Mr. Kar Ming Cheung, TMT Partner-in-charge, KPMG Advisory (China) Limited (US)


10:35-10:50 Tea Break


10:50-11:05 [BIM Advancement–Emerging and Potential Strategies]

-Mr. Ken Adamson, Vice President, Bentley Systems, Inc(US)


11:05-11:20 [Cross-economy Medicare O2O E-service]

-Mr. Dong Wang, Board Chairman of ENERGY CO. LTD. (China)



[Innovation carried out in the Traditional Infrastructure Industry]

-Ms. Hua Peng, Board Chairman of Wuhan Ins Engineering

Technology Corporation(China)


11:35-11:50 [BIM Application Innovation–Energy & Environment]

-Mr. Shiyu Liu, Director General, Production Center,China Institute of

Building Standard Design & Research (China)


12:00-14:00 Lunch

Place: Rhine Square


KEYNOTE SPEECH Moderator: Ms. Dawei Cheng, Ph.D & Professor, School of Economics of Renmin University of China


14:00-14:15 [Growth and Innovation]

-Mr. Thomas Minner, Managing Director,  East Penn Asia Pacific

(EPAP) East Penn Manufacturing Co.(US)


14:15-14:30 [Successful Supply Chain Management]

– Ms. Lydia Xiao, Managing Director, China Sales, FedEx Express (US)


14:30-14:45 [Business Ethics for APEC SMEs:The Fundation of Every Successul Business]

– Ms. Lynn Costa, the Senior Trade Development Advisor for Global Markets, the International Trade and Investment Administration (ITA)(US)


14:45-15:00 [Handling IP Disputes:  Issues and practices in China]

– Mr. Zhengzhi Wang, Senior Partner,

Globe-law Law Firm




15:00-15:20 [Report on China Business Conditions Index for SMEs]

– Mr. Renyong Chi, Dean, SME Institute of Zhejiang University of Technology


15:20-15:40 [Report on China SME Development in 2014]

– Mr. Zhihui Qin, Director General, China Center for Promotion of SME

Development, MIIT


PANEL DISCUSSION Moderator: Mr. Zhiyong Dong, Senior Consultant, Yin Di Group; Deputy

Dean, School of Economics of Peking University (China)


15:40-16:30 [Building a Service System for SMEs]


● To lower barriers to cross-border trade and investment

of SMEs

● To implement innovation and realize business value

● To promote the protection of intellectual property of SMEs

● Social reaponsibility of SMEs in innovation development

● Green economy and innovation development of SMEs

● Global value chain and the role of SMEs


– Mr. Volker Heistermann, Yushan Ventures (US)

– Mr. Lieming Ding, Chairman & CEO, Bettapharma Co., Ltd.

– Mr. Zhongquan Qi, M.D. Professor, Ph.D of Lund University, Sweden; Senior consultant of Alpha (Fujian) Bio-Tech Ltd.

– Mr. Lizhong Dai, Board Chairman, Hunan Sansure Biotech Inc.

– Mr. Mu Niu, Chairman Assistant, Gold Mantis Architectural Decoration Co., Ltd.

– Mr. Changming Yan, President, Cadavisa International Business Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. & Vice President, Western Returned Scholars Association Chinese Overseas (Canada)


16:30-17:00 Tea Break


16:30-17:00 Discussion of  the Initiative Proposal by the presidium

Place: Danube Hall


PASSING THE INITIATIVE Moderator: Mr. Zhengzhi Wang, Senior Partner, Globe-law Law Firm



● Presentation of the Initiative Proposal

● Signing (by the presidium Chairman )


17:10-17:20 Concluding Remarks

● Presidium Chairman


18:30-20:00 Dinner Party for APEC Business Leaders

(For the speakers and the presidium representatives only)

Place: Rhine Hall


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